To Goat Yoga, Or Not To Goat Yoga?

I love everything about goats

A story by owner, Carly Clark A story by owner, Carly Clark

I’ve never been associated with being a crazy cat lady however when my hairdresser asked me if I wanted two of her goats one day while having my foils done, it sparked a love affair with them and I just haven’t been able to get enough of the critters ever since.

I love everything about goats, their personality and antics could keep me entertained for hours. They are hella smart too. They can spot you coming at them with that worming drench a mile off.

Anyway…..2 goats turned into 5, which turned into 7 and then 9 and then 11 and then over 20. What was I to do with all these goats? They had to serve some sort of purpose here at Splitters Farm, it’s not just about getting fed, having fun and being cute.

In the pursuit of solving this issue and becoming more familiar with the new aged fitness craze ‘Goat Yoga’ I thought I’d see how eager and agreeable my goats would be to trying out this amazing new health trend.

‘Goat Yoga’ combines traditional yoga poses in a setting with a number of goats who jump all over you while you attempt to remain poised and perfect, like a statue. Easy right?

Wrong! As you can see from the selfie I took during my ‘goat yoga session’ it’s safe to say my goats were more interested in jumping on each other (if you know what I mean) than enlightening me with their new-aged goat yoga vibes.

So I’m sticking to my day job. Call me the crazy goat lady if you will, but now you know the reasons why ‘Goat Yoga’ doesn’t feature on our list of activities here at Splitters Farm. The goats still get fed, have fun and remain eternally cute.

‘Epic fail’ indeed.

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