Emerging wedding trends

Here's the top 5 wedding trends we expect to see in the year ahead.

A story by owner, Carly Clark A story by owner, Carly Clark

Top wedding trends to expect in the year ahead

Let’s face it, your wedding day is normally a blur. From the first sip of celebratory morning champagne, the day travels at super speed with many brides and grooms drinking themselves sober by the end of the night.

You desperately try to stop time as you attempt to balance the expectations of your own special day while juggling your time equally between each other, the family, and the guests that you’ve invited. There’s love, laughter and sometimes tears and the wedding night normally ends with exhaustion, a messy hotel room and make-up on your pillow…..since taking it off would have been one task too much before passing out. 

If social isolation taught us anything, it’s to spend more time connecting. The emerging wedding trends of next year are all about salvaging time with loved ones and making the most of potentially the biggest day of your life.

Here’s the top 5 wedding trends we expect to see in the year ahead. 

1. Destination weddings

As travel restrictions lift, many couples are opting for destinations weddings. This is a ’two-birds with one stone’ approach to your wedding day. It not only creates an opportunity for many to have an extended holiday with family and guests meaning that bride and groom get to see and spend time with everyone before and after the big day, but also, by the time the wedding reception comes around, the wedding party ends up being the grand finale of the holiday.

Destination weddings take the pressure off the couple by giving everyone more time to catch up and the best part is, that guests get to form unlikely friendships too. Then there’s always the excuse to hold a reunion getaway in 12months time or in years to follow with those who attended.  


2. Engagement Party twist

Many couples now understand how difficult it can be to get all their loved ones together in one room at one time and by the time the engagement party date is set and the save the date cards sent, many are opting to say their ‘I-dos’ at their engagement party.

The advantage to this style of wedding is it reduces the risk to over embellish on things that aren’t essential like decorations, flowers for bridesmaids, suit hire for the gents. The most important people are there and that’s all that matters. Just make sure that the important people are there, and they aren’t hanging out for the wedding invite…. could be awkward.


3. Stand-up and mingle

Formal weddings are fast becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of having the bridal party sit on that ridiculously long table in front of all other guests like a medieval banquet.

Gone also is the stress of endlessly planning out seating arrangements to avoid interpersonal conflicts between family and guests. Then there is the table of ‘randoms’ you just must put together because they won’t fit anywhere else, but you locate that table at the back of the room.

Next year will see us say goodbye to many sit-down formal style weddings and hello to a more relaxed ‘stand-up and mingle’ style arrangement. With grazing tables, candy carts and bite sized canapés now taking it up a notch in the fine dining experience, there is no reason to sit down for most of the night eating a three-course meal and listening to bad speeches when you could be rubbing shoulders with your fellow guests.


4. Cyber ceremonies

We know it’s not the same as being there in person however sometimes it’s not always possible and some brides and grooms just can’t put their lives on hold any longer waiting until everyone can travel again to make it to their big day. Bring on the Cyber wedding experience where many are ‘ZOOM Meeting’ their guests during the ceremony, so they don’t miss out on the special day. Big tip though is to ensure you have a perfect internet connection, so no one misses out.


5. Boots over stilettos

Country weddings offer a diverse and relaxed rural setting that is as timeless as the photo opportunities it creates. And let’s face facts, who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of ARIAT boots over stilettos to party the night away under the stars.


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